Trolska Polska and the music of the Nordic trolls

By Danish Roots |

Trolska Polska, is a quite new Danish-Swedish band, ready to visit the international festivals presenting the music of the Nordic mythology, including the giants, the gnomes, the elves and the trolls.

The band was build in 2011 by the Danish multi instrumentalist, Martin Seeberg, also known from Danish bands like Instinkt, Asynje, Virelai, Sorten Muld and Valravn. Now Martin and Trolska Polska are getting ready to record their first album.

The music is acoustic and is being played on instruments like key harp, flutes, hurdy gurdy, bag pipes, violins, double bass and vocals. To hear what all this is about, check out this video featuring Trolska Polska, and find out how the real trolls music sounds in modern days – click here.

You can also find Trolska Polska on Facebook

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