Trolska Polska to introduce the Nordic trolls, elves and fairies at festivals in the Netherlands!

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The Danish-Swedish band Trolska Polska is releasing their debut album with all new contemporary roots and folk music the 4th of April. They are bringing the album to the 10th anniversary of Castlefest, and to the Elf fantasy fair, “Elfia”, both situated in the Netherlands. Elfia is a fair and a festival that is “focused on the expression of dreams”, and this spring edition of the festival is going on at Castle de Haar Haarzuilens from the 19th to the 21st of April 2014. Public entrance at the festival site is being limited to about 12.000 visitors a day, so you better hurry up getting those tickets.

Castlefest is a medieval/fantasy festival celebrating their 10th anniversary this year during the first weekend of August. More than 25.000 people visits the festival in the garden of Castle Keukenhoff in Lissen.

In their program Elfia writes about Trolska Polska:

“Trolska Polska, is possibly the first tribute band to the world of nordic trolls, elfes, gnomes, fairies etc., consisting of 7 playfull trolls from Denmark and Sweden. With a fresh energetic approach this Danish band proves, that trolls are not only big, scary monsters but joyful beings, from a poetic world of beautiful nature. In the chapel they will play unplugged.”

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