Danish band Trias does it their own way!

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Trias is a young Danish quartet performing contemporary compositions inspired by the traditional Danish music. The band performed a great concert at the Danish Tønder Festival a couple of weeks ago, and we expect the four lads to be touring quite a bit in the coming years.

Trias are Jonas Kongsted and Cristoffer Dam Thorhauge on violin and viola, Rasmus Nielsen on violin, harmonium and piano, and Søren Østergaard on double bass.

Rasmus Nielsen says:

– We are inspired by traditional Danish and Scandinavian folk music, and we use that as a basis for our own compositions. We write lots of tunes that respect and honour the old music, and the way it was played, but we do it our way.

Trias received a Danish Music Award Folk 2012 (Danish “Grammy”) as “Talent of the Year”, and their first album which came in 2012  is getting great reviews around the world. The British music critics Chris Nickson wrote:

– The Danish band Trias’ debut album is one of the most complete and accomplished starts I’ve heard, a band that arrives fully-formed and confident – but never cocky.

You can read an interview with the band at the international web portal FolkWorld at: http://www.folkworld.eu/50/e/index.html 

Listen to the music on their new website at: www.triasmusic.dk

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