The Danish band Basco to visit festivals in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Belgium!

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“Basco is a fiddle-scraping, box-belting, guitar-swinging, trombone-packing folk/roots band with an energy that has been compared to that of a bunch of sixth-graders on camp. It’s members met at the Carl Nielsen Academy of music in Odense, Denmark, and now play in all kinds of music of bands, both at home and away from home. So what they play in Basco is Danish music, and yet not…”

The Danish quartet Basco is one of the most loved Danish roots- and folk music acts. The band is build up around Hal Parfitt-Murray’s compositions, featuring some very talented musical friends of his. The young violinist, Andreas Tophøj, is one of them:

“From the start, Basco was Hal’s idea, and – although I hate to praise him – it still is. It’s his band and he provides the music.” says Andreas, and Hal takes over: “That’s true, but sometimes I can’t get a note out, and at other times 30 melodies spill out in quick succession.” Andreas interrupts, “It’s perfect, Hal bringing in the music, since he doesn’t lift a finger when it comes to all the administrative work!” Andreas laughs, and Hal throws out his arms apologetically. “I’m no use there! If that side of things were up to me, we’d never get out to play concerts. We’d play exclusively in my parent’s back garden.”

But Basco is not playing exclusively in Hal’s parent’s garden. On April 25th they play at the Swedish “Fin-festival, on May 9th – 11th they play at Folk Baltica in Germany and Denmark, on June 2nd they play in Tivoli in Copenhagen, on July 12th they play at Brosella Folk & Jazz in Bruxelles, and in the last weekend of August they play at the Danish Tønder Festival.

Pretty good for a band that was originally named after an uncle’s dead dog. More info about Basco at:

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