Scottish online radio features young Danish bands live from Tønder Festival

By Danish Roots |

Celtic Music Radio is Scotland’s first listener supported music station, and you’ll meet their reporters at venues, festivals, conferences and wherever roots and folk music is happening.

Their new edition of the program “Festival Fling”, hosted by Liz Clark, is now featuring young Danish Roots bands performing at Folk Spot Denmark at Tønder Festival, just a couple of weeks ago.

The radio program starts on Saturday September 7th at 2 PM, and can be listened online for the next 30 days. Liz Clark will tell you about Tønder Festival, Danish Roots and Folk Spot Denmark, and she will play music from some great live recordings with young Danish roots and folk music bands. The bands are Fromseier/Hockings, Asynje, Nordens Tone and Trias.

Liz Clark also host the program “Travel with my Auntie Liz”, another brilliant program at Celtic Music Radio featuring great roots and folk music. Check it out!

Find the Festival Fling-program here:

Photo: Liz Clark at Danny Kyle Open Stage, Celtic Connection, Glasgow

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