New online radio station featuring Danish roots and folk music around the clock!

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“We haven’t got time to wait for Danmarks Radio (the National Danish Broadcasting Association) or any other station to take the Danish roots and folk music seriously, we simply start our own station, and start distributing this fantastic music world wide.” – those are the words of the new editor of, Morten Alfred Høirup, when you ask him about

On the very new online radio station, Radio Folk,  you can listen to traditional Danish music, as well as Danish roots and folk music, 24 hours a day all year round. The program is being run by ROSA/Folk and GO Danish Folk Music, and we offer access to a lot of music as well as programs hosted in Danish, and sometimes in English, and other languages. We are building up this station as we go, and we would very much like to hear your opinion and ideas. Please enjoy the show and share this info with your friends. Thank you! and


Photo: Editor of Radio Folk, Morten Alfred Høirup, interviewing one of Denmark’s most traveling folk musicians, Kristian Bugge (Habadekuk, Jensen & Bugge, Baltic Crossing), in the streets of Copenhagen. 


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