Fromseier Hockings, a new Danish fiddle/guitar duo

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Fromseier Hockings is one of only a few Danish fiddle/guitar duos who travel with original roots- and folk music. The duo consists of two of the most well known danish roots- and folk musicians, Ditte Fromseier on the fiddle and singing as well, and Sigurd Hockings on the guitar. This constellation is quite new, but both musicians are well known for their work with other traveling bands, such as Habbadám, Himmerland, Fiolministeriet, THG and Basco. So what do they play? Well, their repertoire is quite variated. Ditte Fromseier says:

– We basically play the music we like. That’s the only rule that we have decided on. But we play a lot of our own music, music that we have composed inspired by Danish, Swedish, Irish, English and American music, which we have played for many years. We go into the music in depth, and we discard anything that we think is too superficial, not interesting, or not personal enough. We focus on passionate moments, the groove, and tight ensemble playing.

The duo is playing a few festivals in July and August, including the famous Danish Tønder Festival, where they participate in Folk Spot Denmark 2013.

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