Experts in traditional Danish music on tour in The US and Canada!

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The Danish duo, Mette Kathrine Jensen (Accodion) and Kristian Bugge (Violin), also known as “Jensen & Bugge”,  has won several Danish Music Awards (Danish “Grammy”), for their work with the traditional music of Denmark. Jensen & Bugge are right now touring The US and Canada with their show.

The duo has specialized in musical dialects from a number of Danish locations, learning from the old tradition carriers as well as quite a few dusty music collections.

A good example is the beautiful and often melancholic Soenderho-tunes from the village of Soenderho (Sønderho) situated on the small Danish Island, “Fanoe”, in the southern part of Denmark.

Another example is the unique dance music of Thy in the Northern part of the Danish mainland, Jylland, tunes that Jensen & Bugge got from playing with the old master, Karl Skaarup, who died in 2013, a couple of months after celebrating his 85th anniversary as a traditional musician.

The duo has several CDs and a DVD in circulation, and a new album is being released in the beginning of 2015.

You can experience Jensen & Bugge live on the following dates:

Oct 10th 2014: Jensen & Bugge Seattle, WA House concert

Oct 11th 2014: Jensen & Bugge + Jamie Fox Olympia, WA South Bay Grange Hall

Oct 12th 2014: Jensen & Bugge Vancouver, British Columbia Danish Lutheran Church

Oct 13th 2014: Jensen & Bugge Bellingham, WA House concert

Oct 14th 2014: Jensen & Bugge Portland, Oregon Abbie’s House

Oct 15th 2014:  Jensen & Bugge Afternoon music workshops in Olympia

Oct 16th 2014: Jenen & Bugge Scchool concert Olympia, WA 13:15 – 14:00 Olympia Waldorf School

Oct 17th 2014: Jensen & Bugge Swedish Club, Seattle (1920 Dexter Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98109 – ”play after dinner in our Swedish Club dining room with an adjoining bar”

Oct 18th 2014: Jensen & Bugge Port Townsend, WA Pourhouse

Oct 19th 2014: Jensen & Bugge Seattle, WA

Oct 20 2014: Jensen & Bugge Olympia, WA

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