European folk music magazine celebrates its 50th issue

By Danish Roots |

50 issues of a large internet magazine published by volunteers during only 16 years, that is quite an impressive achievement, don’t you think?!

The German based internet magazine, FolkWorld, is publicizing news, articles and reviews about European roots and folk music in German, English, Spanish … and even in Danish.

The magazine publishes a new issue three times a year – in March, July and November – and they even run a radio program on Radio Skala, called FolkWorld, to keep you updated on the sound of European music.

FolkWorld is an independent and non-profit making web magazine, and the people behind the magazine are all volunteers. Michael Moll, one of the editors, says:

– Looking back at our humble first issue in 1997, with its 35 CD reviews and 5 articles, it is quite incredible that FolkWorld is still going, and has now at sometimes more than 300 CD reviews in a single issue. I would estimate that FolkWorld will have reviewed around 8,000 CDs over the years, all still accessible on the FolkWorld site.

FolkWorld remains a labour of love, and I have to give credit to the incredible FolkWorld team, who put so much time and effort into contributing to the magazine in their free time. Nobody gets paid anything for their contributions, in fact, some of us end up “out of pocket”, as postage and the website do have to be paid.

Danish Roots wish to thank FolkWorld for their deep interest in Danish roots and folk music during the years. We really appreciate that!

You can find more than 600 articles and 8000 CD reviews – many of them about Danish music – when reading the FolkWorld magazine at, and you can listen to the music at Radio Skala: Enjoy and send some good thoughts to the people behind FolkWorld!

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