Danish Roots bands nominated for Danish Music Award 2013!

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Himmerland, Trias and Trolska Polska has been nominated for a Danish Music Award (Danish “Grammy”) in the following categories:

1. Danish Folk Album of the Year (Himmerland and Trias)

2. Danish Folk Author of the Year (Jonas Kongsted from Trias)

3. Danish Folk Artist of the Year (Ditte Fromseier from Himmerland, Habadekuk)

4. Danish Folk Talent of the Year (Trolska Polska)

5 Danish Tradition Award of the year (Habadekuk)

The annual Danish Music Award will take place in Copenhagen Jazzhouse on Saturday evening the 30th of November 2013. At this occasion a lot of happy folk music enthusiasts will celebrate the danish roots and folk music scene, and a wide selection of Danish roots and folk musicians will meet up to join them. A number of great bands will entertain the crowd – amongst them Afenginn, Trias and Allan Olsen – the award winners will be revealed and featured, and some more or less traditional dancing will take place all night long.

In addition the independent “Tingluti Pris” of DKR 10.000 will be presented this evening.

This annual event is important for the traditional as well as the contemporary Danish roots and folk music people, and is highly coveted amongst the many musicians and enthusiasts in Denmark. We will publish the nominees here as soon as they are found.

Amongst previous winners of the Danish Music Award Folk, we find bands and people like Trias, Jensen & Bugge, ULC, Instinkt, Habadekuk, Hal & Nikolaj, Haugaard & Høirup, Trio Mio, Phønix, Nikolaj Busk, Karen Mose, Hal Parfitt Murray, Tove De Fries, Kristine Heebøll, Henrik Jansberg, Lang Linken, ZAR, Harald Haugaard, Lars Lilholt, Morten Alfred Høirup, Jullie Hjetland,  Fin Alfred Larsen, and many more…

DMA Folk 2013 is being organized by the association “Folk Danmark” in cooperation with and supported by: ROSA – Danish Rock Association, Jazzhouse, Danish Composers and Song Writers (DJBFA), Danish Songwriters Guild (DPA), Danish Artists Association (DAF) og Danish Musicians’ Union (DMF).

Photo: Trias receiving a Danish Music Award in 2012 

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