Danes celebrating Karl Skaarup’s 85th anniversary as a musician!

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On the 5th of October 2013 a group of more than 30 Danish folk musicians gathered in the north of Denmark to celebrate 85th anniversary of the much beloved and respected traditional musician, Karl Skaarup. Together with an audience of about 500, they spend the afternoon singing and playing for and with accordionist Karl Skaarup and his wife, Lilly, in Vestervig Kirke, one of the local churches near Karl’s home.

Karl and his siblings still remembers how he, only four years old, was taken by bike to the nearby village, his accordion on the back of the bike, and he himself in the front, to play for his very first dance. Karl is now 89 years old, and huge source of inspiration for many Danish musicians, including several Danish Roots musicians. He has been making his living by performing for many years, and he still play at quite a few traditional dances all over the country.

Karl plays the music in his very own way, spicing up the traditional tunes that he master so well, playing them slightly different each time, passing them on to bands like Jensen & Bugge and Habadekuk amongst others.

We salute you, Karl Skaarup, we are full of respect!

Watch a video featuringKarl Skaarup and some of his fellow musicians playing for a traditional Danish dance here



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