Danish Music Award Folk: “And the winners are…!”

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The Danish Music Award Folk (Danish “Grammy”) took place in the city of Copenhagen on November the 30th by the Danish folk music organization, Folk Danmark in cooperation with a number of Danish music organizations.

Chairman, Eskil Romme (Halkær Kro, Halkær Festival, Himmerland Band) did an opening speech, mentioning the importance of maintaining a dynamic Danish roots- and folk music community. He was followed by the Danish Minister of Culture, Marianne Jelved, who spoke about keeping the Danish roots- and folk music in our daily life, and the importance of having Danish folk musicians as traveling ambassadors for Danish culture. “You are all great ambassadors for Denmark, and for Danish culture and tradition, and that you should be proud of!”, The Minister of Culture stated!

And then there was lots of great music with amongst others Afenginn, Trias, Alan Olsen and finally an all star dance band, featuring Harald Haugaard (fiddle), Nikolaj Busk (piano, fiddle), Andreas Tophøj (fiddle), Kristine Heebøll (fiddle), Hugo Rasmussen (double bass), Ale Carr (cittern), Henrik Jansberg (fiddle) and many more.

Here are the award winners:

* Folk Album of the Year: Dreamer’s Circus with the album ”A Little Symphony”

* Folk Author of the Year:  Søren Krogh (”Hardcore Troubadur”)

* Folk Artist of the Year: Ale Carr (Dreamer’s Circus and Basco)

* Folk Talent of the Year: Dreamers’ Circus – Nikolaj Busk, Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen, Ale Carr

* Folk Venue of the Year: Maglebrænde Gamle Skole

* Traditional Music Award: Habadekuk

* Tingluti Prisen: Folk Danmark Radio, Den 2. Radio

Photo: Chairman Eskil Romme is handing over a gift to Danish Minister of Culture, Marianne Jelved, containing bags of organic flour, a book of baking recipes and a few compilation CDs of Danish roots and folk music. 

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