Danish folk big band Habadekuk is getting hyped indeed!

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The Danish 8 piece band, Habadekuk, is performing mainly traditional music in modern arrangements. The band has been playing international festivals over the summer, including Warvick Folk Festival (UK), The Sidmouth Folk Week (UK), The Cambridge Folk Festival (UK), Korrö Folkmusikfestival (S), Het Lindeboom Festival (F), and soon the band will perform at Tønder Festival (DK).

After Cambridge Folk Festival, where the band played at the same time as Van Morrison, Shout4music.com wrote:

“However he (Van Morrison) wasn’t without his stiff competition as Danish band Habadekuk performed out of their skins. Exciting, high-spirited, feisty and assured in their technique – their music was like no other this weekend and proved the hype is more than justified”

One of the guests at the festival states:

“You guys were completely brilliant and totally deserve the hype. Thanks so much for a great set. You made the festival for me. Hope to see you in England again soon!”

Another one says:

“Hey, we really weren’t sure about skipping Van the Man and seeing you instead, but having seen you before at Cambridge two years ago, we thought it just might be a gamble we were prepared to take. And what can I say? You left us totally convinced that we’d made the right choice. I don’t care how good Van Morrison was, he cannot have been better than you!”

Asked how he liked this review, the accordion player from Habadekuk, Peter Eget, admits with a twinkle in his eye:

“One gets happy!”

More about the band at: www.habadekuk.dk

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