Danish band Afenginn touring in Australia and Germany!

By Danish Roots |
“You guys were amazing at the Cynet Folk Festival!! Just brilliant. Thanks for the dance” – Alexander Russell
“Just came home from enjoying your concert at the Caravan Music Club and enjoyed your music very much!” – Kirsten Bell
“I just saw Afenginn play at the basement, and they were fucking excellent. do yourself a massive favour, and check them out.” – Daniel Holmes

These happy greetings comes from the Facebook-page of the Danish band Afenginn. The band is touring Australia and Tasmania right now, enchanting a quite new audience by visiting quite a number of venues and festivals.

Then right after returning from Autralia, the band goes Germany where they tour for about a week in Hildesheim, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Kronach and Dresden. Go check them out!

Follow Afenginn at: www.afenginn.com and/or www.facebook.com/afenginn


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